About Pencol Compounding Pharmacy

Our pharmacy is one of the top compounding facilities in the State of Colorado. Each compounding room is state-of-the-art and meets the highest industry standards for safety and product quality control. This type of attention to detail is critical. All medications are checked and double checked for dosage and delivery and accuracy.

Unique / Alternative Delivery Methods

Lozenges / Troches

Flavored or unflavored buccal, sublingual or vaginal troches are most commonly used as the delivery system for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy allowing the prescribed medicine go directly into the patients’ system without going through the stomach and digestive system. This direct absorption allows doctors to prescribe medication at lower doses.


Our compounded suppositories can be used rectally or vaginally. This delivery system is used when patients cannot tolerate medications taken orally, and for conditions that need the medicine to be directly delivered to the vaginal and/or rectal areas. Suppositories also allow systemic absorption for patients who are having trouble keeping anything down.

Topicals: Creams / Gels / Ointments

Many Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy prescriptions are compounded into topical creams/gels/ointments for quick absorption. Topicals are also used for discontinued “old-time” prescriptions, and are advantageous for elderly and younger patients who are hard to medicate. Many pet owners ask for topicals for quick and easy administration.

Oral Capsules / Suspensions

We compound medications into capsules or suspensions/liquids. Capsules can be designed for immediate or delayed release. Suspensions can be made into syrups or oils for our people and pet patients who cannot take pills. Both delivery systems can be made without dyes, corn, lactose, whey and other fillers commonly used in commercial prescriptions.

What else makes us Unique?

We make medications the way they should be made - by hand, from “scratch”, with the highest quality ingredients and specific to individual patient needs. We help our patients with alternative delivery systems, individualized dosages, flavoring, consultations, follow-up care, or help with managing their prescription needs. At Pencol, our doctors and patients matter to us.

Pencol Address / Hours

1325 South Colorado Boulevard
Suite B-024
Denver, CO 80222
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M-F 9:00 – 6:00
Saturday 9:00 – 1:00

fax: 303-388-6182



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