Michelle Lewis

R.Ph.; Pharmacist

michelle-lewisMichelle, born in North Carolina, comes from a long line of pharmacists, doctors, chemists and musicians.  Yes, Michelle is a piano-playing painter – slash – pharmacist whose personal stories are as amazing to hear, as they were to live.

Michelle met her husband when traveling through Portugal and then spent 10 years living in England, which is where her husband was born and raised.  They have two incredibly rambunctious boys who are sure to carry on some of the family traditions.

Music runs in Michelle’s family; her grandmother once opened her home to Duke Ellington and his band while they were travelling through town.  Michelle tells us she has the picture to prove it!  Michelle herself was recently seen on Louisiana television, where family members corralled her into joining them on the steps of the Louisiana City Hall and singing the national anthem.

Besides playing the piano, Michelle has always been a painter preferring acrylic paint because, as she says, “If you don’t like it you can just let it dry and start again.”

Michelle brings her outstanding people skills, pharmacy knowledge, ‘can do’ attitude and great stories to Pencol, and we are glad she did.


Florida A & M University – R.PH.
University of Sunderland New Castle, England – Pharmacy

Continuing Education:

Aseptic Compounding
Veterinary Compounding

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